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  1. Let’s look at an instance where you would absolutely want to block web scraping from hitting your business’s online site.  Let’s say you have a niche market in the automobile industry: you are an exclusive Porsche dealer.  Not only that - you have the online portal that Porsche owners around the world consult about ALL THINGS PORSCHE.  

    But how do you Block Web Scraping from canny internet hacks that know how to steal your Porsche information and repost it on their shiny new site?   What if these thieves decide to create a portal of not just Porsches but a bigger, more general category of luxury sports cars?  They steal your data and other car sites’ data and put it up in a one gigantic convenient location. They rake in the big bucks because site advertising is the key to their business model.

    Want to block web scraping from attacking your online business?   Scrapedefender is the only partner you need.