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Data Scrape
  1. It’s not only called data scrape.  It’s also known as screen scrape, web harvest and web scrape.  Experts in insurance call it rate rape.  It’s not pretty.

    Ordinary data scrape is not the issue.  The problem is stopping the illegal techies that data scrape for your proprietary information, steal it and reuse it for their own purposes.  Trouble comes because more traditional network security systems cannot pick up the sophisticated data scrape.  Firewalls and devices that are designed to detect and block intruders don’t work because the data scrape thugs know how to ape user search patterns and you cannot tell the difference.

    One company – Scrapedefender – has developed a sophisticated, state-of-the-technology counter measure to beat the data scrape gang at their own game.   Its products and services protect your company from malicious traffic, illegal bandwidth usage and content stealing, allowing you – the business owner – to sleep well at night.