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Data Scraping Services
  1. Data scraping services are proliferating all over the World Wide Web.  From Iowa to India, computer companies are selling their wares to help you scrape data from websites.  Much of this is harmless and causes no trouble, say if you want to gather large amounts of information about car models or airline fares that are public domain and available for anyone to use.

    When do data scraping services have the potential to damage your business?  When they aid and abet your business in wrongdoing, and steal other company’s private and proprietorial information that they have no right to take.  Data scraping services can download all data from your site and tack it onto a competitor site.  Suddenly you have new competition, plus the data scraping servicescharged a low fee so the new company offers their services cheaper than you.

    Protect your business from data scraping services with Scrapedefender, the data protection service that kills bugs dead and stops anyone from seriously harming your business.