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  1. If you run an online business, commerce site, portal or content-rich nonprofit you might be concerned about the growing phenomenon of illegal data scraping.  This involves the use of bots, toolkits and other technological tricks that steal your company information.
    What should you do first?  Why not tackle the problem by requesting a free scraping scan from a professional services firm specializing in preventing web scraping?  Scrapedefender has a bespoke service that guarantees you can take back control of thieving hacks who attempt to steal your data.

    How does their free scraping scan work?  It’s easy.  You enter your information on their site and they send you an email with an activation code.  Once your account is activated, you can view the Scrapedefender confidential assessment.   After agreeing to their terms of use, just authorize the free scraping scan vulnerability assessment and view your website’s ‘report card’.