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Web Data Mining

Web data mining is a big buzzword these days because thieves abound that are stealing company data.  Web data mining technology however, is not new at all.  Multi-national firms have used powerful computers and databases to sort through the web, data mining for years.

Let’s consider an interesting example in web data mining.  A major supermarket business used Oracle software to analyze local buying patterns, and discovered men bought diapers on Thursdays and Saturdays, when they usually also bought beer. These men bought a few goods on Thursday, and did most of their grocery shopping on Saturdays. Thus to increase revenue, the chain moved the beer display closer to the diaper display, and kept both items at full price on Thursdays, figuring beer was bought for the upcoming weekend.

Consider the seriousness of a competitor stealing this vital data from your website via illegal web data mining.  That is why you need the services of Scrapedefender, the experts at protecting your online data.