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Web Scraping Program
As a business owner in 2013, it’s important you get with the web scraping program and defend your vital interests in your online commerce.

Rate limiting, CAPTCHA and data seeding are some of the methods businesses use to battle technological thieves who are adept at swiping your site to steal and manipulate your information.  Trouble is, these thieves more often than not find ways to beat any web scraping program you have in place.

If you want serious protection, Scrapedefender is the answer.  Scrapedefender.com offers a skilled user-friendly service that lets you scan and protect your website for web scraping programs that make you vulnerable.  Scrapedefender stops thieves in their tracks.

Founded in 2011 by established network security professionals from JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citibank and other industry giants with valuable web content, they declared war on thieves who would copy and steal information. Today, companies of all sizes use Scrapedefender to banish web scraping programs and protect precious company data.