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Web Scraping Protection
  1. Why does a company need web scraping protectionCan’t it simply put in place systems and controls to find internet thieves, stop them, and if necessary prosecute them?  Unfortunately, the web scraping protection solution is not that simple.

    In the last twelve months, a critical mass of businesses has discovered they are victims of web scraping; protection has come too little, too late.  Their data has been scraped, reworked, reconfigured and republished elsewhere on what could be a lucrative industry portal or a blatant in-your-face competitive niche business.

    Take heart!  One innovative company built by industry experts knows exactly how to stop the thieves in their web scraping tracks.  Scrapedefender has the tools to take down and destroy even the most sophisticated, stealthy and anonymous interloper.  If you want web scraping protection for your business, Scrapedefender is your first port of call.