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Web Scraping Security
  1. Web scraping security is on the mind of many a business owner around the globe.  Illegal web scraping is a growing phenomenon on the Internet. Web data is assumed to be free by most people and much of it is; but there are barriers you are not allowed to cross when retrieving other’s proprietorial information.  Web scraping security should be of paramount importance to your company if you are data-rich and want protection from malicious data scraping.

    is a company of experienced web security professionals who decided to battle the proliferation of material stolen on the web.   Their web scraping securityservices guarantee you the ability to easily scan and protect your precious data from web scraping intruders and fix problems quickly and without fuss.  If you value your web scraping security and want to focus on building your brand, join the many businesses using Scrapedefender and protect your sensitive company information.