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Website Data Scraping

Scrapedefender knows that website data scraping is a growing problem in online commerce, and it has the tools to arm and defend your business against its illegal and rogue practitioners.

One of the problems from a legal standpoint is that the enforceability of terms related to website data scraping is undefined, not clear.  In many cases the explicit duplicating of ‘original expression’ is illegal – in other words you simply cannot verbatim copycat the feel, flavor and design of another’s work – but you can duplicate facts.

The good news is that courts in the United States have ruled that website data scraping including the use of ‘robots’ or ‘scrapers" can be held responsible and liable for committing illegal trespasses.  What that means is that your business’s computer system is in certain cases considered legally to be your personal property, and by website data scraping, the scraper is considered an illegal trespasser.