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Website Scraping
  1. Let’s examine a real-life example of website scrapingThe web administrator of a medical company with a popular forum where people share their experiences about sensitive illnesses like depression noticed that a new user was copying all the individual posts on the site.

    The site was using ‘confidential software’ to identify this unusual activity. After the website scraping was flagged, it was clear the suspicious user was a robot running an automated script.

    Without naming names, the company identified the well-known media research firm behind the illegal website scraping, and sent a cease-and-desist letter. The scraping stopped, but the rogue firm took a long time to quarantine the illegally-gotten data.  Plus, the medical company had to confess to its members that their confidential forum was hacked into, and many of its members lost trust.
    Had they been using Scrapedefender, the website scraping would never have happened.