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What Is Web Scraping?

What is scraping is a question many business owners are concerned with these days, as they struggle to protect their online property from being stolen and misused by others.   Scraping is what is meant by using sophisticated code, scripts, and bots to essentially enter the ‘back-end’ of your site and usurp your data for selfish, illegal ends.

It is vital for companies to protect their online interests, as scrapers are cavalier and steal for free what your business has spent much money and great chunks of time to develop.  It’s not a question of cutting and pasting, something we have all been guilty of.  What is scraping if not the indirect loss of revenue and potentially the loss of your customers?

Scrapedefender.com is the online expert in banishing thievery, illegal and ultimately unimaginative hacks.  When asking out loud ‘what is scrapingScrapedefender is the company that has the answer, the one to give you peace of mind.